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Important notice

Most photographs are in public places. For those that were shot in private spaces, either the co-ordinator or the photographers have sought and got relevant permissions from those that appear. All photographers took every possible step to ensure that the photographs caused no distress or alarm to those appearing on them. All photos that appear on the website are for non-profit and non-commercial use, but, rather, for artistic purposes and to facilitate discussion that will help enhance the social connectivity between the migrants and the non-foreign-born residents of Edinburgh. If any person appearing on the photographs wishes to revoke their permission for the photo to appear on the website, please send a message to the website’s email. The owners of the copyright of all photographs are the photographers that have shot them. Unauthorised use of their work is not permitted.

Bangor University and the University of St Andrews have funded different stages of the construction of this website. The co-ordinator and the photographers are fully responsible for its content.